Den Holder was established in 1921, and since then has built up a worldwide reputation in its sector as a reliable manufacturer. Our specialisation is to design all our products in accordance with our clients’ requirements.

Our products are differential pressure flow elements such as orifice plates and venturi tubes, but also other special piping parts such as length compensators, strainers, sample coolers and spectacle blinds.

Our organisation is made up of experienced and qualified people who have acquired all the necessary know-how to design, manufacture and test our products. Den Holder is certified according to ISO 9001. Short-notice deliveries are possible since all necessary equipment is available and we have raw materials in stock. Our main goal is to deliver products of the highest quality and maintain a long-term relationship with all our clients.

The job starts for our engineers with the review of the technical part of your enquiry. After receipt of the Requisition for Purchase, drawings, calculations, welding procedures, etc. are made for our workshop and, after delivery, the Data Books containing all (operating) information regarding the products are supplied.

In 2015 Den Holder officially opened a new office in Abu Dhabi where we also have productions facilities in order to make same-day deliveries possible for maintenance requirements. Abu Dhabi is a very good location as it is only 6 hours flying from Europe and little over 7 hours to the Far East.